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Connection is Essential

The power of connection can heal the deepest wounds, uplift you to victory, or pick you up from defeat. I really hate the expression, “self-made”, I call BS, we all need someone! We are wired as humans to connect, and the power of a tribe (community) is still evident in our fancy, high-tech world. What do you think social media is built on? The behavioral psychologists behind the Facebooks of the world know what they are doing. People post because they want to be liked and seen; aka Connected! Maybe I’m old but it’s a dangerous game if the only way a person knows how to connect is through a 3rd party medium. I’m on social media and I enjoy it but when the world is kicking my ass, having a community, even if it’s one person, who sees me and wants the best for me, is game changing. Being able to connect with another human being, someone to cheer you on as you take a big risk, or someone who will listen to your broken heart is what we humans require. How you connect or whom you connect with is another conversation but if you want to heal, recharge, grow, prosper, it’s imperative that you are connecting with your tribe regularly.

Where to start: who is your tribe? The person or people that you can go to with anything and be confident they will have you back without judgment. This list doesn’t need to be long but it’s worth knowing who these people are and making sure you are investing in those relationships; don’t take them for granted. Being part of a tribe means not only taking support but giving. Do you have people in your life that you freely give and support without judgment?

Connect daily with the people in your life who actually matter!

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