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The Space Between

It’s in the space between, that the magic happens, but how many of us never find or allow that space to be present.

The biggest moments of our lives be it creative, competitive, professional, or personal tend to rise out from the spaces between thought. That is not to say being thoughtful is bad, not at all, but it’s our own insecure desire to will or control a situation that we believe that through our own brute thinking we can solve, create or be our best…. I call BS! The conscious and subconscious minds are wonderfully unknown at this point, with only a tip above the surface of our understanding. For those I’m losing, thinking I’m going down some woo-woo path, I’d say pump the brakes. I’d say every person reading this has had a gut feeling and been shocked how accurate it can be, whether we ignored it or not. One thing we do know for sure is that our body sends 75% more signals to the brain, than the brain sends to the body. (Re-read that!) 75% is a big percent, which support the idea that plenty of wisdom comes outside of “thinking”. That is not me saying that all of our performance and accomplishments are solely driven by our body, and we’re all headless horsemen, but I am saying the notion that we can solely think our way through things is mad!

So when was the last time that you spent any time during your day in that space between? The easiest place to find it is between breaths. Yes, meditation is a great practice, one I’m a big proponent of but every time we breathe, we have an opportunity to slow down and just sit in silence. I can hear it now; I don’t have time for that nonsense. For you thinking that I’d say, how many breaths do you take a minute? Chances are it’s higher than 6, and if I’m right, you will not only benefit metabolically but you will also find room for more spaces in between. Our bodies are wired for more of these spaces. If you’re running from bears all day, mentally or physically, you will burn out.

Here’s the challenge, slow down your breathing cadence just one less inhalation a minute and see what that space feels like. It may feel good and if it does, Great! If may feel bad, and if does, that’s just feedback that maybe your current daily pace needs some evaluating.

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