Our Story

The journey began with the following question: How do I improve and strengthen my mindset?  Creating Flow is the culmination of years of research, schooling, exploring and experimenting, birthed from personal pain.  When the status quo wasn't reaping the expected rewards, the journey weaved through Eastern religion and philosophy, self-help, nuero-science, psychology, philosophy, physiology, meditation, and exercise. 


We don't have all the answers but are proud to say we are willing to admit when we are wrong,

and will work tirelessly to do better! 


It is our philosophy that mental and physical 'Wealth' are created.  We believe that through authentic connection and collaboration that we can help you create the mental skills to excel in your personal and professional life.

If you're training your body without training your mind, you will get somewhere fast but not necessarily where you want to end up.


Awareness, Authenticity, Courage, Vulnerability, Growth, Resilience, Truth


As a trained psychotherapist Dan will listen, coach, collaborate, and educate everyone from Executive teams to Little League teams on the skills, strategies, and structure to optimizing your Mindset! 

Dan Walsh - Founder

Active psychotherapist with Kafko Psychological Services in New York City.